Mission Statement

At D&G Construction Services, Inc. our mission is to practice and to model service excellence daily with integrity to our associates, customers, and vendors, exercising sound judgment, and being self-motivated so as not to adopt the status quo as our standard.

Our Vision

Our vision at D&G Construction Services, Inc. is to help our customers continually increase their market share by providing and implementing cost-effective building solutions and services. Our customers’ success expands D&G’s ability to serve our associates, families, and communities.

Core Values

  • Self-Motivated – Any job worth doing is worth doing well.
  • Stewardship – Caring for the details of today, to have resources for tomorrow.
  • Communication – “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” –Solomon
  • Mentoring Leadership – Lead, teach, train, and correct by example. Never require an associate to perform any task that the leadership has not done or is not willing to perform if needed.
  • Team Work – #1 – Always treat others as you want to be treated. #2 – Know and perform your job as others are counting on you to perform. #3 – Work hard, smart, and always do your best. #4 – Practice makes perfect.
  • Dedication – Nothing builds self-esteem, confidence, and wins respect like a job well done. Being stretched beyond our abilities increases our capacity to press on when we encounter obstacles.
  • Thankfulness – We don’t take the things we have been given for granted and we seek to extend opportunities to those who cross our path.